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A lawyer's office needs a system to handle online customer requests in order to:

  1. improve services quality and accesibility
  2. optimize requests and queries management
  3. to solve issues succesfully
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AurBox, a key to achieve goals

Tickets System is designed for setting task blocks or tickets (queries, events, bugs, enhancements...), specifically asigned to the person/team responsible for resolution. These tickets are clasified depending on priority.

Aditional comments and attached files are allowed to improve resolution.

AurBox Tickets:

  • reduces errors in assigning
  • maximizes efficiency in resolution
  • avoids delays: information on opened/closed tasks is always updated


Tickets system can also be used with Intranet application (managing documentation for each case), Reports (reporting on resolution, mean time to resolution, customer satisfaction ...) and Internet (integration with website)



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A nationwide presence company covering several services (masonry, metal work, electrical, plumbing, mechanical ...) have different work groups to attend to orders requested by customers. This company evaluates start and finishing dates, number of hours invoiced and customer satisfaction.

To offer the best service, the company wants to study the quality of work of each group. The result of this analysis will help to implement steps to improve the groups that do not achieve the required standards.

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Aurbox, a tool for analysis

Reports creates custom reports with specific parameters of a process, activity or sector. These reports are displayed in real time, on the Internet or intranet. Data is always transparent to the right teams.

Company will take advantage of this application estimating as often as necessary level of work, organizational capacity, level of effectiveness, real cost of work per hour, profit per hour of work, level of customer satisfaction ...



reunion empresa

A biomedical start-up is developing a mobile application for performing, in real time, a full monitoring of geriatric patients at home.

Using a simple interface, patients contact with medical staff (doctor, nurse or social assistance), request consultations, medical treatments and other services. Also, patients assess the quality and care of these services.

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AurBox, communication tool

AurBox provides a full communication strategy:

  • information, features, downloads from website (Internet application)
  • contact with patients and institutions using newsblocks and newsletters integrated into the website
  • number of downloads and patients satisfaction surveys (Reports)
  • user support (Tickets)
  • system for detecting bugs and making enhancements (Tickets)



ruedas dentadas

An international consulting company requires to implement an intranet to manage documentation related to ongoing projects, due to collaboration between participating teams, often located in different countries.


Because of this relocation, it is desired to avoid sharing sensitive information and work by email or other systems where there is a risk of misplacing documents.

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AurBox, managing workflow

FileBox is an application for a file repository, a place for organized and centralized information. The docs structure is performed for each company, for each team.


Increase productivity, communication and collaboration in projects development.



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